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A blog update, oh yeah!

I haven't touched it in quite a while. Now it's time :)

A lot of things has happened. You can say, way too many things. For more than a year, I couldn’t really get myself to write here. But now, it seems like my energy levels are back, so I decided to update this thing a bit :D As usual, it involved quite a few steps:

  • Instead of the v0.72.0 of the Hugo static site generator, now we’re rolling with v0.104.2.
  • I’ve replaced the previously used MeMe theme - it was quite irritating for me to work with it. The new one is called Stack, and it seems quite usable.
  • Given that I had to re-theme the site, I wrote a bunch of Cypress tests for validating the most important functionality (i18n, Disqus, Google Analytics, profile links are pointing to the right places, etc.) I haven’t really worked with Cypress seriously before, but I guess this will change as it was super pleasant to use for such tasks :)

So now, the only thing left is to… write. :D

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