bcboard :( - Vége a Border Community fórumának

Megpróbáltam meglátogatni a Border Community (valaha) kellemesen aktív fórumát, ahol az ember könnyen belefuthatott olyan producerekbe, mint mondjuk Jesse Somfay, Perc vagy Fractal; erre a következő üzenet fogad:

The Border Community messageboard has been disabled until further notice.

It has come to our attention that certain board members have been using this forum as a means to share upfront pre-release music from our label. This is obviously not the purpose for which this service was designed, and no record label can tolerate these sorts of practices going on right under our noses on our own messageboard.

As a label, we don’t have the time to continuously monitor this situation and crackdown on the perpetrators. Therefore we have no choice but to terminate the messageboard service as of immediately.

We would like to offer our apologies to all the legitimate and sincere users of our messageboard, and thank you for your support. We hope you are able to understand why we have had to take this decision, and are sorry that the actions of a minority have spoiled things for everyone.

Best regards

Border Community

Erre most mit mondjak? :(

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